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What Attracts Some Young Men to Date Older Women?

Let’s face it! When it comes to adult, consensual love (yes, it’s important to emphasize that) things can get pretty complicated, and what some may love, others may find to be… a bit taboo. If you are a young man, reading this post, and you’re looking to find that you’re not alone – well, you’re not. Just look at Emmanuel Macron, the president of France. He is a perfect example of how a guy can fall for a girl quite a bit older than himself, and that it all can turn out to be quite nice.

Some guys just feel that girls their age aren’t mature enough – they find them too childish, and they would like a woman with a bit more substance. When it comes to this topic and when we think about older men dating younger gals, nobody bats an eyelash; yet the whole world implodes when the woman’s the one that’s more experienced, wiser, and older.

So, what is it, in essence, that attracts some young men to date older women? While the reasons will not exactly surprise you, they will tell you a bit more about the human condition. Here are some reasons why younger men dating older women:

1. It’s Flattering

Guys enjoy the attention as much as girls and being at the center of attention of an experienced lady can be quite enjoyable. It’s also enjoyable the other way around. The woman feels empowered, appreciated, and this mix of emotions can lead to quite nice relationships that will last much longer and survive a lot more than your random same-age relationship.

Sex is mostly about power, about giving in to your primal desires, and there is nothing more primal to us humans than being desired, both intellectually and physically. And if you are a woman who has caught the attention of a younger guy; that sort of adrenaline rush and excitement can be difficult to replicate. A lot of confidence can stem from this kind of relationship, and that is a beautiful thing.

2. Older Women Know What They Want

Reaching a certain age means that you’ve lived enough to know exactly what you want, how you want it, and when you want it. Many guys find this attribute impossibly hot, and they find women who think like this, they find it irresistible. Women like this are less likely to play games, be angry about missed messages, or simply let things get too complicated. They will tell you what’s on their mind, and you will know exactly what they want and need.

This kind of communication is something that comes with a lot of experience and being very direct with your desires and intentions can be scary for some, but for others, it can be a relief. Some couples enjoy being direct with everything they do, and they can avoid games that are usually associated with being younger, and insecure.

3. Experience, experience

Yes, we also think about the sexual experience – both ways. A couple where a girl is older is exciting because she will know exactly what she wants, and she will know exactly what you need. Not only can things like this develop greatly in the bedroom, but in the relationship as a whole. And sometimes, giving the initiative to the other partner can be a good thing, and in this case, if this is a more experienced woman – well, the guy is in for a treat.

They will know exactly what to do in order to elicit the perfect response for you, and you will have the best time of your life. This experience will also come in handy in other aspects of your life. Getting wiser with age is not only a silly proverb. It can be quite true, as people tend to recognize shady people better if they have a few years under their belt, and this will give you an opportunity to grow, to develop and learn at an accelerated rate.

4. The Story of Men and Boys

A relationship like this can turn you into a proper man, and you will soon find it silly that you spent so much time clubbing when you could have visited much better bars, and spent your time chasing after women who are much more refined. You will soon learn that spending time in a jazz club, or in a theater, can be as fun as drinking an energy drink-vodka combination.

You need to experience it in order to appreciate it and being with a woman who is a bit more sophisticated will quickly show you all the perks of why it is always better to be a man than a boy.

5. Room to Grow

As we’ve said, this is all an excellent way for you to improve, and to find more room for personal growth. This kind of relationship will make you focus on truly important things in life, and how to learn to live your life without being constantly annoyed by unimportant people, events, or jobs. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have fun, quite the contrary, you should have more fun with your life and her advice could help with that.

In the end, just go and enjoy whatever makes you happy; each and every relationship is unique – this one is no exception. With respect, and a lot of honesty, every relationship can become a great one, it is up to you to make it work – so give it your best!

Why Is Dating So Difficult for Gay Men?

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Dating might be hard both for the straight and gay population, but gay men usually can’t find a date as easily as heterosexual men. Even if I don’t like to make a difference between gay and straight, I had to notice that gays usually have a lot of struggles when it comes to dating.

Starting from the difficulties related to ”outing” and other problems gay men have to face, they don’t have as many choices as straight guys. The biggest problem for hooking up is the small number of gay nightclubs compared with regular nightclubs, especially in small environments.

Since gay men don’t wear a label on their forehead with the inscription ”I’m homosexual!”, there is a chance that no one will actually notice that they are gay. That depends on how feminized they are, of course, and whether they would like to show it to the world.

Finding a hookup is easy, but they have to struggle to find real love

I would never say that there is a big difference and that gay men can’t find love, but compared to straight relationships, finding a soulmate might be a bit harder. Ask yourself how many broken hearts you left behind just because you didn’t match.
Straight people can feel that sexual chemistry while flirting, and gay men do too. So, finding a sexual relationship isn’t hard, but falling in love with every hookup is insane, so they have to make an effort in order to find a life-long partner. If you are reading this and thinking that this is nonsense, you are wrong.

When thinking about finding another straight human begin the next time I leave my apartment, I had to ask myself how many gay men actually exist.

Well, I found different demographics of sexual orientation, but from the most reliable source, I found that 10 % of the UK population is actually gay. Also, this number is significantly higher in the USA, where 1 of 4 men are gay.

So, the number of gay men may be encouraging, but in comparison with 90 % of the heterosexual population, homosexuals have worse chances of finding a date.

Same-sex marriage and adoption

The standard critical-minded society has expectations for every step we make. I’ll skip education, growing up, and other stages of our youth, and begin with the period of life when everything is about getting married and reproduction.

Since reproduction without the help of the third person isn’t possible yet, gay men’s parents will probably become disappointed after they find out that their son can’t continue their family tree. The only option is adoption, which might be difficult in some countries. Only 17 (8.72 %) countries around the world, excluding jurisdictions in Mexico, The United States, and Australia, legalized same-sex adoption.

After the Netherlands legalized same-sex marriage back in 2000, 18 years later, only 26 countries around the world followed this resolution and allowed same-sex marriages. Considering that there are 195 countries around the world, there is only 13.33 % of countries that legalized same-sex marriage.

Deficiency of knowledge and government support additionally complicates the lives of the gay population. Besides the rights that married couples get after they sign a piece of paper, the lack of government support in some countries has a negative impact on society.


As I mentioned before, places with a low number of citizens don’t even have gay nightclubs. They must go to regular parties, which reduces the chance of finding a date. The only alternative might be private parties, but that’s not enough.

Another problem is that they might misunderstand straight men behavior and try to hook up with someone who actually isn’t even gay. Okay, that can happen everywhere, but nightclubs are definitely the place where almost every hookup begins.

(Non) acceptance

Even if they are trying to prove to the people that being gay isn’t abnormal, in some environments, being gay isn’t acceptable. Even if many countries removed homosexuality from the list of mental diseases, ignorant citizens aren’t ready to accept that being gay is normal.

Many government officials can’t accept homosexuality, so citizens mostly follow their leaders and can’t think outside of the box.

Another problem is home education that mostly doesn’t have a positive impact on the homosexual population. The only thing we can do is wait until this becomes entirely normal, like many other things.

Non-acceptance of the gay population might leave some scars and make them asocial. That way, they don’t hang out as much as other people, so the chances of finding a date might be reduced. Also, negative-minded citizens can increase their fears and cause mental instability and depression. No matter how much the gay population is trying to become a part of a healthy community, that will be possible only after the negative ones become open-minded and friendly.

Bottom line

Luckily, there is an excellent opportunity for finding love online. Today, everything is about tech development and the internet, so finding a date become much more comfortable both for straight and gay men.

Gay Cupid is a regular dating website, which today become a normal way of finding a date, but the only difference concerning the site is that it is created for gay men only. This website is created so that you can choose a category, and according to the place you are living, you can discover your perfect match. With a lot of available categories, finding an online date has never been more comfortable.

However, a lot of stories published on the Gay Cupid website confirm that there is hope for gay men coupling.

I hope that these pieces of information were helpful and that you’ll, like other gay guys, find your soulmate with the Gay Cupid app. The fact that you have to face some difficulties and struggles until you find your love, will only make your love stronger in the future. Wish you the best of luck!

Does Tinder Work – An Inside Look of the Best Dating App

Online dating is gradually becoming one of the most common ways to find your better half. Tinder, especially, is incredibly popular among young adults and adults alike but the question begs, does Tinder actually work and is it possible to find a sustainable relationship by using this dating application? Well, that depends on what you’re looking for and who you’re looking for. Below, you can find a list of the pros and cons to using Tinder to give you reference for our future endeavors.


Firstly, let’s discuss the pros of using Tinder to find your future partner. Research shows that people who match and meet up with others on Tinder tend to be on the same level of attractiveness as the person they’ve matched with, which is perhaps why the app has become such a raging success. Tinder has created a circumstance that matches our own reality.

While it can be hard to believe that a virtual application which is entirely based on the way people look resembles our real lives, it’s true. When we walk down the street, for example, we tend to think “yes” or “no” in our heads when we come across other pedestrians.

While Tinder is greatly about the way people look, it also allows you to determine who you’ll be compatible with rather quickly. If, for example, a man looks conceited on his pictures, the man or woman swiping will probably swipe left for no. Even though looks aren’t everything, it is important to remember that a relationship doesn’t last if there isn’t both mental and physical chemistry.

With this app, you have the opportunity to meet a great number of interesting people. If you take the time to read people’s biographies, you’ll find some incredible captions; for example, “It’ll take a great woman to confuse me that you’re not all parakeets” or “I wish I could walk in your shoes so I could be with you every step of the way”.

In the end, though, there is always the chance that you’ll fall in love with someone you meet through this app. Maybe you’ll bond over a mutual Star Wars addiction or maybe you both like Pink Floyd; whatever the case, you never know what you’ll find unless you try.


Now, we can move onto the cons of using Tinder. There are some very strange people in the world. While this is true in our daily lives, it seems to be especially true on Tinder and even more evident. There are those who believe that they have the healing powers of God and there are those who will stare at themselves in a mirror for three hours at a time; in fact, there may even by some straight-up sociopaths on Tinder.

The process of Tinder can be very slow because people often lack enthusiasm or they may simply want a different Tinder experience than you. Finding someone that you genuinely like and match well with could be very slow and difficult.


In the end, we’re all looking for someone who’s craziness matches our own; therefore, you may want to turn to apps like Tinder to try and find your perfect match. There are several pros and cons that come with Tinder dating, and you should be aware of them.

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