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Chemistry is affiliated to the leading dating website which follows a more guided approach to determine compatibility and chemistry between partners. This website focuses are creating deeper bonds by using an in-depth personality test developed by Dr. Helen Fisher, who has 30 years of experience in relationships.

With more than 4 million members, Chemistry has developed a reputation for itself through its unique services and compatibility tests. The site serves for both heterosexual and same sex singles. It is less popular than but still gets about 1.6 million visits every month. The website is exclusive designed for commitment-minded singles to find their potential matches. The match-making is based on science and takes into account both compatibility and chemistry factors.

Popularity by Country

Country Users (%) Views (%)
United States 72.8 82.3
Canada 7.6 8.7
Netherlands 4.8 0.9
India 2.3 0.5


  • Basic Plans
    • 1 month membership for $34.99
    • 3 months membership for $64.98 ($21.66 per month)
    • 6 months membership + FREE REPLIES for $77.94 ($12.99 per month)

The Benefits of Having a Subscription

Features Paid Members Free Members
Communicate at any time with the matches you are interested in
Email your matches at any time
Flirt using games
Discover who wants to connect with you
Find out who has noticed you
Get a personality insight from Dr. Helen Fisher
Chemistry Profile and Personality Test
View photos of matches
Receive daily personalized matches

Getting Started

Chemistry allows anybody to sign up for free on their website and lets users to upgrade for membership based on their preferences. The moment you join the site, you can encounter numerous opportunities to look for matches and check both compatibility and chemistry factors.

Sign up

The registration process on Chemistry begins with a simple quiz process which takes about 30 minutes. At first, you can sign up by mentioning your name, email address and zip code.

Create profile

Chemistry allows guest members to create a profile for free and fill in information by answering a personality quiz. The questionnaire is based on your personality traits and the sections include, My Personality, About Me, About My Match, In My Own Words and My Photos.

‘My personality’ questions have multiple-choices and images to choose from. ‘About Me’ includes basic information such as age, hair color, eye color, body type, ethnicity, habits, relationship status, religion, income and occupation. “About My Match” includes questions about the type of match or partner you prefer. Users are allowed to describe about themselves in detail in the “In My Own Words” section. This consists of a greeting part along with 200-2000 character free response space.

Upload photos

The last part of registration process on Chemistry involves the “My Photos” section. Users are recommended to upload photos for their profile to improve attraction and popularity.

Find Your Mate

Chemistry excels itself in the department of finding perfect matches based on both compatibility and chemistry between two individuals. The website uses the personality quiz to analyze and suggest matches for users. These matches can be sorted based on date, photos, age, personality traits and activity. Based on your preferences; whether you are interested or not on the current set of matches, new matches will be delivered to you.

This is a guided matching system and therefore, users are not provided the opportunity to search for matches on their own. But, Chemistry stands out from its crowd through their excellent matching system which guarantees all its members a one of a kind experience in online dating.

Interacting With Matches

Just like its sister site, Chemistry allows guided communication for all its members. Users can contact and flirt with their matches to know if they are interested in them. They can also communicate through emails and messages. The website alerts its users when they receive emails and profile interests.

Chemistry has a dedicated platform for dating advice and tips by Dr. Helen Fisher called as “The Chemistry Blog”. All members are given access to this to discuss, share their views and interact with other members on the website.


Chemistry provides ample privacy options to ensure the safety of their user’s information. Since there is no manual search features, scammers and fake profiles are not found on the website. Non-interested member profiles are automatically removed from your list and they cannot contact you. This acts as the block feature on the site. Users can also hide/unhide their profiles based on their choices.

Chemistry also provides dating safety tips and encourages its users to report to the support staff in case of suspicious activities.


  • Free profile creation
  • Automatic matching system
  • Unique compatibility and chemistry tests
  • Receive matches daily
  • Communicate through flirts and emails
  • Email alerts
  • Chemistry Dating Blog by expert Dr. Helen Fisher
  • Hide profile at any time

Unique Features

The most important and unique feature on Chemistry is their world famous “chemistry test”. This is an interesting personality test that determines the levels of compatibility and chemistry between two people. It determines four parts of your personality namely:

  • Director – decisive, independent, focus
  • Negotiator – compromise, empathy and nurturing
  • Builder – reliable, social, communicative
  • Explorer – adventurous, risk-taking, open minded

One of the unique features of Chemistry is the “Stream”. This enables the users to keep a track of their matches’ recent activities. They can send “Cheer” for free to show their interest and also know what someone is up to. This is a great way to meet non-matches that don’t appear on their page. Users must update their profile, photo and respond to a stream question to activate the stream feature.

“MyMatches Page” is another interesting feature on Chemistry that brings in five daily matches to each of its users daily. The matches are compared on both compatibility and chemistry factors. Users can show their interest by choosing “iam interested” or “iam not interested” options.

“Chemistry Starters” are fun gaming features that act as icebreakers on the website. Users can connect with other members through online games and even send ‘flirts’ to initiate contact. These games provide an opportunity for members to connect with their matches on a deeper level.

Members can also request for “member spotlight”, where their profiles will be highlighted on Chemistry and for two weeks. The best thing about this feature on Chemistry is that it disables this feature by default. Your privacy remains protected.

Chemistry is one of the very few match-making services that offer “free weekend communication”. Members can avail this opportunity to chat and communicate with any other members on the site for free on those two precious days.

The Pros

PositiveOnly site that brings in matches based on chemistry and compatibility
PositiveIn-depth personality evaluation
PositiveProvides potential matches on a regular basis
PositiveFun gaming like features to interact with matches
PositiveExpert dating advice from Dr. Helen Fisher
PositiveGood Customer service

The Cons

NegativeRecommends members to subscribe
NegativeNo search options
NegativeAutomated replies from support staff
NegativeNo mobile apps

Bottom Line

Chemistry believes that chemistry between two individuals is more important than the compatibility factors and therefore offers excellent services to analyze the personality of its users. The website is engaging and interesting, which makes dating fun and simple on Chemistry.

It creates a lighter atmosphere by encouraging members to initiate communication with potential matches by playing online games and sending winks. Everything on chemistry is guided which may sound pretty complicated for spontaneous and independent individuals. Users can interact with only the matches provided by the site.

Chemistry will not be an ideal site for people who love freedom and flirting, but it could be the best for commitment-minded singles. Its rich matching features can help you find your perfect soul mate for sure.

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